Over 75 Travel Insurance: Picking a Needle Out of the Haystack

Over 75 Travel InsuranceFor people over 75, travel insurance can be very costly. Traveling is one of life’s pleasures, exposing us to an environment wildly different from what we’ve been used to. It allows us to experience other peoples’ culture and immerse ourselves in its novelty and intricacies. Traveling used to be inconvenient and time-consuming, not to mention expensive. But with the advent of technology, traveling is now common place. The availability of online flight schedules, hotel reservations and travel guides makes it accessible to the majority of the populace. More and more people avail themselves of this privilege and luxury. And due to improved amenities, older people, even those over 75, need not fear the aches and pains that are usually associated with sitting too long in uncomfortable seats. But like a lot of things in life, a lot can go wrong especially while on the road. And that is where travel insurance enters the scene.

Travel insurance can be temporary, which is purchased for a single trip and will only cover the duration of that said trip. This is like paying for a walk-in visit to a gym, instead of becoming a member. On the other hand, if you’d rather be a member, then there is a continuous type of insurance that can be renewed annually. For people who are frequently traveling, this could be a good deal since it covers multiple trips. These insurances, be it temporary or continuous, can be very handy by making sure that travelers get assistance and compensation, especially for those times when unfortunate incidents occur. Basic travel insurance usually covers common risks such as:

  • medical expenses in the event of untoward accidents
  • emergency evacuation when weather conditions necessitate it
  • trip cancellation and/or interruptions and delayed departure
  • legal assistance
  • damage to, loss and theft of documents, personal possessions and/or baggage
  • injury, death, dismemberment and/or disablement benefits and
  • personal liability.

The sad part is that for older persons, such as those over 75, travel insurance becomes harder, if not costlier, to acquire. As if one is looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. There are some companies that might specify an upper age limit on their insurance policy. This is perhaps unavoidable because of the stigma attached to reaching a certain age. It is commonly assumed that the older a person gets, the weaker and frailer they become. Hence, they are more prone to discomforts and ailments, especially when exposed to weather they are unused to and stressed by hazards encountered along the way. This means that there is a higher probability of claimed benefits which translates to less profit for the insurance company. Due to the associated medical conditions more often encountered in the elderly, age could be a ground for exclusion. Or, for companies out to get their profits, a ground for additional charges. It is important that, particularly for those over 75, travel insurance policies be meticulously scrutinized to guarantee a good value for the money spent. Just like shopping for that perfect dress, it might be wise to compare several policies to get a good idea of what is being offered at what price. It always pays to examine the fine print thoroughly for minute differences in policy wording can mean an easy or difficult claim. An extensive coverage will not come cheap and some items may seem too frivolous and trivial if the chances of it occurring are very low. Due to conditions that has more to do with their health, for people over 75, travel insurance that prioritize medical coverage maybe more appropriate.